As the BCRUPD ends by September 2022, the project team needs to assess the overall accomplishments and plan comprehensively the remaining tasks committed in the IKI-BMU project document. In particular, the project team needs to focus on the following Outputs:

Output 2: Selected local governments and their representatives’ capacities to develop resilient urban plans and designs are improved, and application of learning is demonstrated through small-scale projects and activities and given COVID-19 pandemic impacts in the Philippines, knowledge, and capacities of 2 cities on planning and implementing green recovery are developed and increased.

Output 5: Diagnostic/Analytics Tool of the Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment (CDRA) guide for LGUs enhanced and promoted by key government agencies as basis for Human Settlements Planning and Urban Management and for green recovery programming from COVID-19 impacts.

Output 6: Strengthened institutional capacity of DHSUD Bureaus on integrating climate resilience building in human settlements planning and urban management including green-recovery from COVID-19 pandemic impacts in the Philippines

Output 7: Developed DHSUD policies and standards for Climate Resilient Human Settlements and Urban Management facilitating bold and innovative transition to support the achievement of Paris Agreement commitment of the Philippines in view of the country’s green recovery from COVID-19 pandemic.