The “Support to the Philippines in Shaping and Implementing the International Climate Change Regime” (SupportCCC II) Project, implemented by the Climate Change Commission and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), has been commissioned by BMU to serve as the first point of contact for other implementing agencies under IKI regarding its portfolio in the Philippines. This includes communicating the content and agreements of bilateral discussions between BMU and the Philippine Government and conducting networking workshops to support cooperation and collaboration among projects in the country. In this context SupportCCC II is organizing the 5th Networking Workshop of IKI partners and implementing organizations in the Philippines, from December 2021 to January 2022. The IKI Networking Workshop for the Philippines will be a two-part online event among government partners and IKI implementing organizations in the country. 

The virtual BMU-IKI Networking Workshop 2021 brought together decision makers and experts from the Governments of the Philippines and Germany, as well as implementing organizations of IKI in the country via MS Teams. Through online interactions and topical presentations, this year’s workshop gave participants the opportunity to discuss and exchange experiences, ideas, good practices, and success stories in terms of policies, programs, and activities in line with the Philippines climate protection and biodiversity conservation agenda. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the Philippines national health system and socio-economic landscape which also disrupted the country’s efforts in addressing the climate and biodiversity crises. The session will explore how IKI Projects addressed the climate and biodiversity crises while tackling the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic. It also aims to identify short- and long-term green recovery strategies that will support the country’s transition into a green and low carbon economy.

The BCRUPD project served as the resource speaker for the session on Local Planning: Climate-resilient urban planning – support for city authorities in the Philippines. BCRUPD National Project Coordinator Reinero Flores focused on the topic “Repurposing Public Open Spaces to Transition to Resilient and Greener Recovery”.