Under the BCRUPD project, planners from partner national government agencies shall be trained on integrating cliamte-resilient  urban adaptation planning and designs in the institutional policies and regulations they issue to guide local government units.

As part of the capacity development activities aimed to deliver this, a Coaches’ Training in Climate Resilient Urban Plans and Design, Module 2, is being conducted on 20–23 November in Legazpi City.

The focus of this module is to ensure that considerations for climate resilience, as discussed in Module 1, are applied throughout the planning and design process. It takes off from climate resilience concepts and principles, applying these in various local development plans, and thereafter in specific urban design contexts. It introduces tools and approaches for analysis and decision-making using climate science for spatial and sectoral development.

The event will convene at least 25 participants from partner national government agencies, namely the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, Climate Change Commission, Department of Interior and Local Government, National Economic and Development Authority, Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and the League of Cities of the Philippines.

The learning methodology will apply a mixture of lecture, dialogue, workshops and lessonuptake assessments, and site visits.