A series of training and mentoring sessions will be undertaken, designed to strengthen the capacities of DHSUD planners and technical officers, to train and guide local government units in planning and designing climate-resilient plans and designs for resilient and green recovery. The training series aims to:

  • Level-off on the context and definition of resilient and green recovery for human settlements and urban development.  
  • Appreciate the recovery planning process and identify entry points for resilient and green recovery in the planning system. 
  • Provide a venue for sharing resilient and green recovery efforts undertaken by different national government agencies.  
  • Discuss key considerations, activities, and strategies in the formulation of resilient and green recovery agenda for human settlements and urban development.
  • Discuss and develop key messages for communicating RGR to DHSUD/LGUs

Participants: DSHUD planners and technical staff from central and regional offices responsible for policy and advocacy planning, capacity building/learning, monitoring, evaluation and learning, knowledge management and communications and legal and regulatory.