The event will convene at least fifty participants from five partner cities and representatives from the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, Climate Change Commission, Department of Interior and Local Government, National Economic and Development Authority, Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council and the League of Cities of the Philippines. The learning methodology will apply a mixture of dialogue, project site visits (riverbank development, flood control site, urban parks, streets, buildings, etc.), and urban design conceptual planning workshop. The ARCADIS Shelter Program, a global partner of UN-Habitat in promoting sustainable urbanization will be invited as a resource agency in “environmental and social safeguards” and will participate during the workshop plenary sessions.  


General: To conduct field learning exchange for BCRUPD project partners (six national government agencies and five cities) and facilitate knowledge sharing on climate-resilient urban planning and design practices.


·        To showcase the climate adaptation programs and projects of Iloilo City by using urban planning and design (presentation and site visit).

·        To facilitate dialogue and peer-to-peer sessions to process experiences and learnings on city climate resilience through urban planning and design.

·        To provide inputs on environmental and social safeguards applicable to the five cities

·        To initiate a city-to-city learning exercise as input to the identified urban design projects of the 5 demonstration cities.

·        To enhance the knowledge of national government agencies on climate-resilient urban planning and design, particularly on how to improve planning regulations, and enhance spatial and sectoral planning capacities.